FindHotel just marked another beautiful milestone, with 2M bookings done through FindHotel in the past 12 months, a 40% YoY growth in a year that has not been the best time to be a European travel startup. Yet, here we are, a team of 73, self-funded, and a product that in its core enables price comparison, a hardly revolutionary offer in 2021. How can that be?!

Some contributing factors helped:

  • Europeans barely ventured outside their homes in the past year, but Asians & Americans did travel locally thanks to far less restrictive lockdowns & larger internal borders (US, CA) which…

This is an exceptional year for everyone in general, and anyone in the travel industry in particular. In such exceptional times even stubborn founders like myself re-evaluate their choices.

One such choice for me was participating in the various ‘startup growth competitions’.

Naturally, I am a big believer in ‘grow or die’ for a technology company. A good company should either reap rewards of its past investment through years of expansion, or expand its services towards a wider market, preferably some combination of both. …

In theory, our FindHotel fits the bill of a company that should have been in great difficulties today:

  • We are an independent company funded by our own profits which means no deep pockets to lean back on in times of crisis. (my view on startup funding in the travel industry)
  • We are also a fast growth company, doubling bookings in both 2018 & 2019, with over 1.3M customers making a booking in the past year.
  • We grew the team by 70% over the past year, with many members joining during Q1 2020.
  • We work on a ‘rooms booked’ consumption model…

These are times of great growth at FindHotel, allowing us to expand our scope and raise our organization targets, as we are adding contributors and leaders across the company. This post aims to share more about the current working lives at FindHotel, what we value & who succeeds here, in the hope it helps each candidate understand if it is the right place for you.

While there is no direct correlation between growing scale & growing teams, at FindHotel people are the ones building the growth machine and many of them are remarkably adaptable and able to achieve a lot…

As a long-time practitioner in online travel (since 2004), I had a chance to learn what type of companies are more & less likely to succeed in building significant long-term value. One of these learnings is that funding and M&A strategy are a great differntiator for the outcome companies and more specifically founders and key employees may experience in the space.

Starting off with some definitions:

Heavily funded — a company that acquires significant funding before reaching product-market-marketing fit. The heavily funded thesis is that the market opportunity is clear which means competitors are racing against one another, and out-spending…

This essay goes through the history of efficiently matching travelers with hotel deals, which is a technological, commercial, contractual and human challenge that is now morphing from level 3 to level 4, with level 5 in sight.

The five levels

Level 1here are some nice hotels in your destination of choice, trust us: they cost a fair price for their category. Marketing is done at the destination level, the inventory is static and needs to be good enough to get a sale, but not beyond that as consumers cannot consume too much information. That’s how the travel world…

I published this post in October 2016 and still find it representative.

There are many good reasons to like startups

Startups are attractive places to work these days, and Amsterdam is doing its very best to become a startup hub, attracting thousands of enthusiasts to the industry every year, and the trend seems to only be getting stronger.

- They are perceived as fun places to work, as there are perks, young people and city center locations.
- Your impact will likely be felt, as the organization is small and you know that what you do matters to the success of…

Oz Har Adir

Leading FindHotel

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